Muhanad Nasip is a visual & motion graphics designer. His last 5 years of experience were at Yahoo, working under the EMEA Advertising Solutions - an organization that is responsible for transforming Yahoo products and editorial into unified solutions for advertisers. Muhanad’s last position was a Creative Lead, leading the Creative Team in the MEA region.

With more than 9 years of professional experience in graphic and web design, Muhanad has specialized in user interface and experience design, html, css, online advertising, motion graphics, flash, and video.

Before joining Yahoo, Muhanad worked as an Illustrator for e-learning media, web designer for e-learning solutions, user interface and experience designer, and a front-end developer.

Muhanad’s Specialties:

User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Motion Graphics
Visual Content
Online Advertising
Content Marketing
Custom Brand Experience
Rich Media